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In June 1981 Susan Lowley & Ian Roberts were convicted of the abduction and murder of 7 children between 1978 & 1981. Their killing spree is thought to have lasted longer and it is suspected that possibly 15 children could have fell victim to these callous child killers -their crimes shocked the nation.


Human remains were found in the outside drainage system after a neighbor in the adjoining maisonette to the couple reported blocked drains. Upon investigation metacarpal bones from 7 different children: Peter Davidson, Michael McHugh, Richard Williams, Tracey Harvey, David Andrew’s, Karen Logan  & Sharon Johnson were discovered. The pair were arrested at their Dorchester home by Dorset Police.


A long police investigation began, the police found a variety of tape recordings, maps, and other merchandise which led to a 6-month search covering over 40 square miles of the Dorset Jurassic Coast. the biggest search ever conducted by British police in the hope to discover the bodies. In the final days of the search, the team lead by Dorset Police and volunteers found the remains of 5 children buried in the scrubland. A tape recording between Susan, Ian, and a still unidentified male talks about the abduction and drowning of a child close to national landmark Durdles’ Door. The police interviewed Lowley & Roberts, the couple, recluses, remained certain they played no part in the abduction and killings of the children. 


In 1985 Lowley sold a story to the News of The World journalist admitting the murders of all 7 children asking for a reduced sentence if she cooperated in revealing the locations of the other 2 children still missing. In a first-ever, the Home Office banned the publication of the story and any further discussion with Susan Lowley on the grounds of public interest, it disgraced the families of the missing children and glorified Susan’s sadistic nature. Susan Lowley died in 1999 in Morecomb Prison after being poisoned by an inmate. 

It is also thought that: Jacqueline Wilson, Deborah O’Donnell, Michael Andrew’s, Deborah Dainty, Ann Hounslow, Helen Gordon, John Jones, Jane Summers -all reported missing within a 30 mile radius of could have been abducted and murdered by the victims. To date, Karen Logan and Sharon Johnson’s bodies have never been found. The other 8 cannot be connected to the killings and remain missing, however, the age, time, location of last sighting and manner in which they are suspected to have disappeared fits with the profile of the killers modus operandi.

In 2020 police pulled over Christopher Braith in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham as part of a routine stop & check conducted during the COVID -19 pandemic lock down. He was breathalysed by police and found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. His DNA was collected and compared to the national database. In 1997 Dorset Police used DNA profiling adding DNA found on blood-stained clothing recovered from Lowley & Robert’s Dorchester maisonette. It threw up a positive match for Christopher Braith. 

Braith, aged 19 at the time of the killings was interviewed about his involvement, the police initially thought Braith may have been another victim that survived a brutal attack by the couple. Following questioning the Police believe that Braith is the other male in the recordings and was later charged with Conspiracy to Murder.