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The Murder Trial Game

The Murder Trial Game


The Murder Trial Live Game 9.99 P&P £3.50


From living room to courtroom… innocent or guilty? YOU decide…

4+ players

Instructions ‘How to Play’

  • Place the defendant card up in full view where everybody can see it.
  • Decide who will play the barrister, the barrister interviews the witnesses and will not be on the jury
  • The barrister picks up the barrister questions, there are 5 prosecution questions asked to each witness followed by 5 defence questions.
  • All other players will take on the role of a witness, there are 5 witnesses all together so players must have to double up. The last to take the stand is the defendant.
  • Front and centre in the living room you need to make a stand, this can be a corner of the room, or beside the TV, anywhere in the room where the witnesses will stand up to be examined.



Ready to play? All players to gather in the living room with the defendant picture high up on the wall.


  • The Barrister reads the opening statements addressing the court, the prosecution statement is on behalf of the prosecution and sets out the basis for why the prosecution believe the defendant is guilty. You should listen to it and consider its points. The barrister will then read the defence statement, this is on behalf of the defendant and sets out why the defence believe that the defendant is not guilty.
  • The barrister will call the first witness to the stand.
  • Each witness must read the character brief, they are required to follow the instructions at the top of the card -have a rummage in the wardrobe and have some fun. Ellaborate using your imagination and improvisation to bring your character alive. The more information and back story you add in response to the questions the more debate later! Remember you MUST include the key events on your charater card.
  • Each witness must read and understand their profile and must answer the questions asked by the barrister. There are key events that must be included in answers to the questions. Aside from these key events each witness is allowed to improvise and role play their character. The more interesting the answers the more debate at the end.
  • Remember the barrister will ask prosecution questions first followed by defence questions afterwards.
  • While you’re not on the stand you must make notes about what each witness is saying so that you have information to discuss before reaching a verdict.
  • Once all of the witnesses have been examined you retire as a group to decide if the defendant is guilty.
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