Her body stayed online for 24 hours.

Photo of a young teens dead body was allowed on Instagram for nearly 24 hours.

17-year-old Bianca Devin was brutally murdered Sunday night, by her then-boyfriend Brandon Andrew Clark after visiting a music concert. Reports suggest that after the concert the couple had gotten into a heated argument driving home, which ended with Brandon pulling into a side street and proceeding to cut Bianca's throat. Brandon posted a photo of Bianca with the caption "I'm sorry Bianca" to Instagram around 6.40am.

It wasn't till late Sunday night when Instagram blurred out the image with a "sensitive content filter" which still allowed users to view the photo by tapping the screen as the social media giant did not deem the image as a "violation of its guidelines".

It took Instagram until Monday morning to disable Brandon's Instagram account @yesjuliet. Stephanie Otway a spokesperson for Instagram said “We disabled the @yesjuliet account for violating our policies. We have also taken steps to prevent others from re-uploading the content posted to that account to Instagram,”

She declined to comment on what time the image of Bianca's body was removed from the site, also declining to comment on why it took Instagram nearly 24 hours to remove the @yesjuilet account.

In the comment section of the photo, some users began posting that they were showing photos of Devin's body — and asking people to follow them.

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