Welcome to The Murder Trial Live – The Black Widow. You have been selected for Jury Service by Buckinghamshire New University.  Watch 5 episodes of The Murder Trial Live – The Black Widow online, download the evidence, assess the facts and debate the case with your fellow Jurors. After watching the final episode, give your verdict online.



 The Black Widow trial dates:


Episode 1 – 19th April at 7pm

Episode 2 – 20th April at 7pm

Episode 3 – 21st April at 7pm

Episode 4 – 22nd April at 7pm

Episode 5 – 23rd April at 7pm


(Guilty, Not Guilty or Discharged) will be revealed on Monday 26th April at 7pm



Doctor Hilary Meadows is a paediatric consultant dubbed by the national press as ‘The Black Widow’, stands trial for the murder of possibly 447 children across her medical career spanning over 40 years, making her if convicted, the biggest serial killer in history. When three infant children under her care died in quick succession in February last year, their parents requested an investigation to look into their deaths.


The findings were shocking.


A further nine more infants were found to have died suspiciously under Meadows’ care in the last 9 months with above average infant mortality rates at every hospital trust that she has worked at since her career began. the CPS believe they have sufficient evidence to charge Dr Meadows with these murders. Did she conduct these heartless killings, or is she a victim of statistical coincidence. The trial begins this April and we invite you to take your seat on the jury in this fascinating case.